This minor, for students in other GW schools, is offered by the Department of Computer Science. The curriculum consists of two segments: core courses and electives whose purpose is to provide the student with depth in an area of computer science, for a total of 18 credits.

This curriculum can also be taken as a minor by students in SEAS programs other than Computer Science.

Core Courses (required):

Electives: Choose at least 2 from courses requiring CSCI 2113 or above (excluding CSCI 2312 and cross-listed courses). See list of undergraduate courses. Other electives may be substituted, as appropriate, upon approval by your secondary field advisor.

Credits in residence requirement: For students pursuing a minor or a secondary field, at least 15 credits in Computer Science courses must be completed at GW.

Graduation GPA requirement: To satisfactorily complete a minor or a secondary field in Computer Science, a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.2 in all the Computer Science courses.

To discuss doing a secondary field or minor, please contact a CS department advisor; you can find out who the advisors are by contacting the department main office.

Students who wish to do a minor or a secondary field in Computer Science must apply in the SEAS office, and must meet the admission criteria.

Admission to Computer Science as a Second Major, or a Minor

GW undergraduates outside the Department of Computer Science can apply to do a second major, a minor, or a secondary field, in Computer Science. Interested students must apply no later than the start of their 5th semester of study at GW, or completion of 60th credit, whichever comes later. The admission criteria for any of those three are all the following:

  1. A grade of B or higher in CSCI 1111 or CSCI 1011 or CSCI 1121.
  2. A grade of B‐ or higher in Math 1231 or in both Math 1220 and Math 1221.
  3. A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 at the time of application.