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SEH 5820
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Data Compression; Error Resiliency in Image/Video Storage and Transmission; Content-Based Indexing of Multimedia Databases; Video Processing; Watermarking; Progressive Transmission; Visual-Data Modeling; Parallel Algorithms for Image/Video Processing; The Banyan-Hypercube; Cartesian Product Networks; Routing; Fault Tolerance; Embedding; Network Partitioning; Properties of Multistage Networks; Parallel Algorithms; Parallel Architectures with Parallel Primitives; Heterogeneous Processing

Ph.D., 1988, Computer Science, Princeton University
M.S., 1985, Computer Science, Princeton University
B.S., 1981, Mathematics, The Lebanese University, Lebanon

Audio/Image/Video Processing; Data Compression; Multimedia Databases and Digital Libraries; Watermarking; Interconnection Networks; Parallel Processing and Computer Architecture; Parallel and Sequential Algorithms; Fault Tolerance

Selected Publications: 

1. Dong Hua, Dechang Chen, Fang Liu, and Abdou Youssef, A Bayesian Approach to Multistage Fitting of the Variation of the Skeletal Age Features, Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Volume 2009.

2.Seyed Ali Ahmadi and Abdou Youssef, Lexical Error Compensation in Handwritten-based Mathematical Information Retrieval,Towards Digital Mathematics Library (DML 2008), July 27th, 2008, Birmingham, UK, part of the 7th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management, 2008, pp. 43-54.

3.Bruce Miller and Abdou Youssef, Augmenting Presentation MathML for Search, Proceedings of the 7th Mathematical Knowledge Management conference, UK, July 2008.

4.Abdou Youssef, Methods of Relevance Ranking and Hit-content Generation in Math Search, The 6th Mathematical Knowledge Management Conference, Hagenberg, Austria, June 27-30, 2007.

5.Moody Altamimi and Abdou Youssef, Wildcards in Math Search, Implementation Issues, 19th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, November 7-9, 2007, San Francisco, California USA.

6.Mohammed Shatnawi and Abdou Youssef, Equivalence Detection Using Parse-tree Normalization for Math Search, The Second International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM'07), October 28-31, 2007.

7. Abdou Youssef, Roles of Math Search in Mathematics,Spring-Verlag volume the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series. Also, an invited paper, the 5th Int'l Conf. on Mathematical Knowledge Management, August, 2006, UK, pp. 2-16.

8. I. Scherson and A. Youssef, Editors, Interconnection Networks for High-Performance Parallel Computers , IEEE Computer Society Press, September 1994.

9. A. Youssef, Off-line Permutation Routing on Circuit-Switched Fixed Routing Networks , Special Issue of NETWORKS Journal, Vol. 23, pp. 441--448, 1993.

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