Our CS department is composed of a diverse student population, including students from nations all over the world. This page contains a few resources that International students (already here or those considering our Department) might find useful.
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International Services Office - provides International students with valuable information about ever-changing and complex Immigration rules. International students go to the ISO to enquire the validity of whatever action they plan to take (a job off campus, allowed hours, change of address etc). The advisors are very capable and professional and have access to answers to all sorts of questions!
Please check with the ISO for all documents and information you will need in order to enter the United States and for your stay here.

International Student Associations - GW has students from over 100 countries, hence, numerous student associations. Join a club with people of similar backgrounds and interests, and it just might cure your homesickness!

Internships and Jobs - The Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area is perfect for CS related jobs as numerous tech companies have their offices here. Internships in these technology companies provide a perfect opportunity to practice what skills are learnt in class.

  • Job opportunities on campus.
  • GW Career Center site for on-campus and off-campus internships, part-time and full-time opportunities. Contact Career Services by email or meet the Career Center advisors for Optional Practical Training, Curricular Practical Training, Co-op and other opportunities. Be aware that in order to apply for OPT, or CPT, you may have to attend mandatory seminars. Keep a regular lookout for Career and Internship Fairs on the website.
  • CS Job opportunities Page.
  • Check out Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com etc.

The DC Panorama - The Tri-state area of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland have many attractions. The following links will give you a rough idea.

  • Washington DC's Official Tourism Page
  • GWired's Guide to Happening Events in the Washington DC area.
  • Smithsonian Museums - Check out the world famous Smithsonian museums, lining up the National Mall and in other locations. These museums are must-see!
  • Great Falls Park - A nice place to hike, climb rocks, and view the Potomac river at its most beautiful.
  • Cherry Blossom Festival - Since the early 1900s, when Cherry blossom trees were planted around the Tidal Basin, the yearly festival during the blossoming has been a regular crowd-puller every spring.
  • Monuments and Memorials - Amateur page showing the various DC monuments and memorials in visual form.
  • Cultural Tourism in DC - View what else DC has to offer you, other than the monuments, memorials and museums.
  • Kennedy Center - Check out what play, dance or drama is playing at the famed Kennedy Center.
  • Georgetown - Feel the old World charm right in the heart of DC; shopping, restaurants, wide streets, antique street lights, low houses and even a canal!
  • Guide to Restaurants in DC, and Washingtonian guide to Dining.

Taxes - Paying taxes is a fact of life. But it does not have to be that much of a pain. The GW's Tax department provides valuable help to International students in deducing what treaties cover what nations and how it affects your tax returns.

  • GW Tax Office - Before you start working on campus, you need to follow certain procedures with the Tax office. Also, come tax time, keep an eye open for ISO and the Tax Office's presentations for International students. The office also helps you identify the right forms to fill up and how to file them.
  • IRS website

Transportation - Transportation in and around DC (and neighboring states) is made very convenient by the Metro system, city buses.

DC Area Theaters - Want to catch a movie? Find the right theater!

GW Resources - The following list contains various GW related resources you will find useful.

Health Insurance - In America, like taxes, Insurance is a high priority issue. Check out GW's information guide on Health Insurance and the insurance company promoted by GW.

  • Chickering Group - The Chickering Group provides a special GW student Health Insurance plan.
  • GW Health Insurance Information - Also contains information on general health and cost questions. This is particularly important for incoming International students as there are certain immunization requirements to fulfill.

Dining Options in GW - This page informs students of the concept of GWorld Card, Colonial Cash, Debit Dollars etc. The card especially is very important as it provides access to almost every facility on campus. Debit Dollars and Colonial cash can be used on campus and in selected stores to buy food and other items. On campus eateries do not charge taxes if Colonial cash is used.

Housing - Check out common sites/sources for apartment-hunting.